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LEONIDEN has taken Germany by storm. The proof? Since the release of their album Again in 2018 they have sold out every live show they’ve played and are the new shooting stars on the indie rock horizon. It’s therefore no surprise they have been booked for appearances at festivals such as Hurricane, Southside, St. Gallen Open Air, Frequency, and Sziget Festival in 2019. That’s what happens when 5 guys hailing from the city of Kiel in northern Germany take the stage and proclaim,  "Fuck it all we killed it tonight/We stay awake!" night after night. 

It’s a proclamation that shows the true heart of the group, whose members - the brothers Lennart and Felix Eicke, singer Jakob Amr, Djamin Izadi and JP Neumann - are always on the move to something grander and on the road for 200 of 365 days of the year. It’s also a premonition of what’s to come: The band will bring their ecstatic, in-your-face live performance to Europe this year. And they will be killing it, every single night. Always awake. Always about to let the dance floor explode. And always full of creative energy. It’s a certainty.

LEONIDEN plays a wild indie-rock-dance-funk mix that bursts the seams of all musical boundaries  and combines punk and grunge influences with elements of soul and funk. The result is catchy pop songs that equate to straight up hits, like the first single Kids from their current album Again, released in October 2018. The song opens with an Afropop-inspired guitar line and lifts you into a catchy and gorgeous chorus that shows the band’s knack for stunning arrangements. It’s in this larger than life chorus of Kids that Jakob Amr screams out the aforementioned anthem: “Fuck it all we killed it tonight/We stay awake!”

Leoniden has left their German fanbase stunned, ecstatic, and wanting more. It’s time to get ready, because a storm is coming.

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Date City Country Venue Note Add Tickets
Festivals 2020
11.06.20 -
Walchsee AT STOABEATZ GCal | iCal cancelled
07.07.20 -
Straubenhardt DE Happiness Festival GCal | iCal cancelled
20.08.20 -
Ribnitz-Damgarten DE About You Pangea Festival GCal | iCal cancelled
"Looping" Tour 2020 | präsentiert von DIFFUS, The Postie. & NICETRY
07.10.20 Bremen DE Schlachthof GCal | iCal Show Ticket
08.10.20 Osnabrück DE Hyde Park GCal | iCal Show Ticket
09.10.20 Köln DE E-Werk Upgrade
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
10.10.20 Wiesbaden DE Schlachthof GCal | iCal Show Ticket
11.10.20 Stuttgart DE Im Wizemann GCal | iCal Show Ticket
14.10.20 Winterthur CH Salzhaus GCal | iCal Show Ticket
15.10.20 Bern CH Dachstock GCal | iCal Show Ticket
16.10.20 München DE Muffathalle GCal | iCal Show Ticket
17.10.20 Wien AT Arena GCal | iCal Show Ticket
18.10.20 Salzburg AT Rockhouse GCal | iCal Show Ticket
21.10.20 Leipzig DE Täubchenthal GCal | iCal Show Ticket
22.10.20 Berlin DE Huxley's Neue Welt GCal | iCal Show Ticket
23.10.20 Hamburg DE Grosse Freiheit 36 GCal | iCal Show Ticket
24.10.20 Hamburg DE Grosse Freiheit 36 Additional Show
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
Festivals 2021
18.06.21 -
Duisburg DE Traumzeit Festival rescheduled
vom 19.06.2020
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
30.07.21 -
Bonn DE Green Juice Festival rescheduled
vom 31.07.2020
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
12.08.21 -
Püttlingen DE Rocco del Schlacko rescheduled
vom 06.-08.08.2020
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
13.08.21 -
Großpösna DE Highfield Festival rescheduled
vom 14.-16.08.2020
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
13.08.21 Rothenburg ob der Tauber DE Taubertal Festival rescheduled
vom 06.-09.08.2020
GCal | iCal Show Ticket
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